102 – Basic General Work Gloves

Friction Pro Basic Assembly Work Gloves are a must-have for anyone working in an industrial or manufacturing environment. These gloves provide protection and comfort, ensuring that workers can stay safe and productive even in the most demanding work conditions. This is the most Recommended for assembly, warehouse and general-purpose work.

Art: 102 – Friction Pro Basic




Made from high-quality materials such as Sheep Leather and Cotton Jersey Fabrics, these assembly work gloves are designed to provide superior protection against General Work and Assembly Work. They are also engineered to protect against workplace hazards, helping to reduce the risk of injuries and accidents.

One of the key benefits of these assembly work gloves is their ability to provide a secure and comfortable fit. With elastic-shirred stitched and flexible materials, these gloves are designed to conform to the shape of the hand, providing a snug and comfortable fit that allows for maximum dexterity and movement.

Basic General Work Gloves are also designed to be durable and long-lasting. With reinforced stitching and high-quality materials, these gloves can withstand the wear and tear of everyday use, making them a reliable investment for any worker.

Technical Specification

Palm made of Premium Quality Sheep Leather

Back of the hand made of Cotton Jersey

Reinforced Indexfinger and Fingertips for best protection

Shirred Stitched across knuckles for the finest fit

EN Standard

Category 2 Protective Gloves
Protection against mechanical risks according to

Abrasion resistance (Min 0 – Max 4) 2
Cut resistance (Min 0 – Max 5) 1
Tear resistance (Min 0 – Max 4) 2
Puncture resistance (Min 0 – Max 4) 1
Cut resistance (Min A – Max X) 


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